Your Best Night In

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Hi friends!

We just wanted to stop by your inbox and let you know we’re cheering you on! This quarantine thing is not going to get to us because we have the love and hope of Jesus in us and all around us. Hang in there! You’re doing a great job working from home, schooling from home, and just having to be home, because you love and care for those around you! Thank you for all you’re doing to flatten the curve of Covid-19.

Grow Your Marriage

Waiting for things to go back to the old normal or struggling with being productive at home? Struggling with keeping the kids entertained or the cat off your laptop? Here are a few tips from our friends at FamilyLife:

    1. Ask for patience.

    2. Pray for greater love.

    3. Think before you speak.

    4. Try a little thankfulness even during quarantine.

    5. Give yourself grace.

You can read more here.

Our current situation is not only a struggle on us individually, our relationships are struggling too. If things are feeling a bit messy right now, or you and your spouse simply need some encouragement, or just need some inspiration to see this quarantine through, join us and our friends at Prepare/Enrich for a special YouTube livestream event, Rallying for Relationshipsthis Thursday, April 23 at 5pm (7pm CT). Let’s learn practical ways we can strengthen our relationship during this time.

Have Some Fun

Get ready for Your Best Night In, a time to laugh, love, and chill, hosted by Married People. Grab some popcorn and gather on the sofa for a free online event for couples this Friday, April 24 at 4pm (7pm ET). Watch on Facebook Live.

Make sure to tell your friends and small group! They need it too!

Hope isn’t cancelled. Home isn’t cancelled. Let’s take advantage of these wonderful tips and fabulous gift of technology to grow our marriage and enjoy some laughs during this time in quarantine!

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Most Important Minute of the Day

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What is the most important minute of the day in your marriage? In Drs Les and Leslie Parrott’s study, Your Time-Starved Marriage, they mention that the most important 60 seconds of marriage is the moment you walk in the door, when you greet each other at the end of the day.

These are the moments that are unplanned and spontaneous. A simple greeting, hug, and maybe a kiss to look each other in the eye to say “Hello” and connect. It doesn’t have to be long, maybe 5 minutes. These moments, or possibly a ritual that you can put into practice to grow your marriage, can be so special. Maximize on them, friends.

Rather than going straight to your office, your phone, your computer, your to-do list, or that few minutes you need to breathe after a long day, take advantage of these ordinary, day-to-day moments with your spouse and kids. This first 60 seconds when you come home, to reconnect, can set the tone for your evening as well.

How can you maximize these moments this week?

To learn more, visit to get a copy of the book or to check out other resources to grow your marriage.

2020. New Year. New Decade. Renewed Marriage. Same gracious and faithful God.

In Him,